The Young Dragon program is specifically design for children ages 4-6.  Our curriculum helps teach our martial arts fundamentals through a series of drills and skills while building the focus, coordination and strength required for our Beginner program.

Our Beginner program (kids ages 7-12) helps build kids confidence, self discipline and fitness through our Martial Arts Educational System to protect themselves.  Kids will be instructed in a variety of interactive self defense techniques with real world application.

Hapkido is the Korean art of Self Defense (ages 13+).  This program will teach self protection from real world scenarios while providing a healthy way of living through exercise and stress reduction.  Learn proven techniques that have been taught to Militaries & Law Enforcement around the world.

Get in the BEST shape of your life with our HIT fitness kickboxing program (ages 13+)!  Burn calories and build your strength while hitting the heavy bags.  We will teach you correct, safe technique and provide you with coaching and guidance on your nutritional and dietary needs.